10 July 2012

Sedentary lifestyle

You can prolong your life if you sit for less than three hours a day – scientists

RIA NewsReducing the total amount of time a person spends sitting to less than three hours a day can prolong his life for two years, according to British scientists, whose findings are published in the British Medical Journal (Peter T Katzmarzyk, I-Min Lee, Sedentary behavior and life expectancy in the USA: a cause-deleted life table analysis; popular retelling (Cutting daily sitting time to under 3 hours might extend life by 2 years can be read on EurekAlert! – VM).

In addition, by reducing TV viewing time to two hours a day, you can "throw" yourself another 1.4 years of life, the researchers conclude, analyzing data from the National Report on Health and Food Consumption in the United States for the period from June 2005 to October 2009.

The scientists also combined various data on sedentary lifestyle and mortality, including in their collection information from five studies covering 167 thousand people. This database was further analyzed taking into account the age and gender of the patients.

Combining two sets of data, the researchers approved a conditional index of the level of risk among the population to calculate the number of deaths associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The mortality index from causes related to long sitting was 27%, and from causes related to excessive love of watching TV programs – 19%.

The authors of the study built a life expectancy graph, according to which those people who spent less than three hours a day sitting lived two years longer. As did those study participants who watched TV for less than two hours a day. Their life expectancy was 1.38 years longer.

Although researchers point out that their work is evaluative in nature, and people who lead a sedentary lifestyle should not deduct two years from their lives, they still remind that active people, as a rule, have stronger health.

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