06 October 2009

101 years, 100 miles per hour

101-year-old American dissects on the newest Chevrolet Camaro SS supercar
NEWSruAmerican Virgil Coffman, who turned 101, got behind the wheel of a brand new supercar.

He recently purchased a charged version of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS sports car.

The most interesting thing is that Virgil is able to drive a car, despite his advanced age. Everyone who knows Coffman claims that he has always been an avid motorist.

He has changed about 40 cars in his entire life: before buying the Camaro Bumblebee Edition 2010, Virgil drove a cherry-colored Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS.

Every year, Coffman undergoes special checks that confirm his ability to drive a car. And so far he has no problems, writes TopSpeed.
(If you want to find out more, read the article in the Herald-Review: Style knows no age limit – VM.)

It is worth noting that the Camaro Bumblebee Edition is an exact copy of the car of the main character of the movie "Transformers". As reported by camaroblog.com , there are V6 or V8 engines under the hood of the car, the body is painted yellow with black stripes.

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