15 March 2016

A biosensor for cancer diagnosis has been developed

Copper news based on ScienceAlert materials: This new biosensor can diagnose cancer and other diseases on the spot

A group of scientists from Singapore has created a silicon biosensor that will help diagnose cancer in just 15 minutes.

It is known that during the development of tumors, microRNAs are formed in the body – they are specific for various forms of cancer. The created biosensor is able to detect the presence of certain microRNAs in the patient's urine in the shortest possible time, the authors explain. The device is able to detect the slightest changes in the composition of urine.

Mi Kyoung Park, one of the members of the research group, explained that the authors have already managed to confirm the effectiveness of using the sensor in diagnostics. However, so far they have tested the biosensor on only 5 patients – three of them suffered from late-stage bladder cancer, and the other two were healthy. The device made it possible to detect the disease in cancer patients and confirm the absence of tumors in healthy participants of the disease.

In the near future, the authors plan to test the sensor operation on a larger sample. The new device will allow detecting various forms of cancer and will undoubtedly find application in laboratory diagnostics, the developers believe.

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