29 May 2012

Grandmothers, don't jump with a parachute!

Laverna Everett from California, succumbing to the provocations of her friends, decided to celebrate her 80th birthday in an original way and jump with a parachute.

No one could have imagined that such a decision could turn into a tragedy not only for the birthday girl, but also for her instructor.

When Laverne changed her mind about jumping, the plane had already gained the desired height. When grandma balked, the instructor began to insist on jumping, as he knew the psychology of beginners well.

A real struggle ensued in front of the open hatch of the plane, but the person who turned out to be stronger than grandma was still able to push her out.

When the tandem "grandmother-instructor" was floating in the air, the man discovered that the old woman had removed the straps of the parachute backpack from her shoulders during the struggle, and her insurance had slipped to her knees.

The experienced instructor was not at a loss, he grabbed his grandmother tightly and managed to open the parachute. The couple landed successfully, but the birthday girl and the athlete were taken out of the shock state for a very long time.

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