30 September 2009

Homeopathic infanticide got a term

An Australian homeopath and his wife will go to prison for the murder of their daughterCopper news
An Australian court has found Indian-born spouses who treated their daughter with homeopathic remedies guilty of murdering a child and sentenced them to prison, Fox News reports (Baby's Death Blamed on Parents'

Use of Homeopathic Remedies).

According to the Supreme Court of the State of New South Wales, the "arrogant approach" of 42-year-old homeopathy teacher Thomas Sam (Thomas Sam) with the support of his 37-year-old wife Manju (Manju) caused the death of their nine-month-old daughter Gloria (Gloria) from complications of eczema in May 2002.

The first manifestations of the skin disease appeared in the girl at the age of four months. The nurse who was watching the girl noticed them and ordered the parents to consult a dermatologist. However, instead, the parents preferred to treat their daughter with homeopathic medicines and natural medicine.

Despite the fact that Gloria's condition continued to deteriorate, the Sam couple only sought the advice of a pediatrician several times, and never visited a dermatologist. Through the skin damaged by rashes, a bacterial infection penetrated the girl's body, which severely depleted her – at nine months old, the child weighed a little more than five kilograms.

In the end, the parents took the girl to the hospital, but it was too late – three days later she died of sepsis and exhaustion.

According to Judge Peter Johnson, Thomas and Manju Sam did not fulfill their parental duty, and their unwillingness to provide their daughter, who had been in great pain for a long time, with proper help can only be described as a cruel attitude towards the child.

Based on this, Johnson sentenced Thomas Sam to eight years in prison with the possibility of early release no earlier than six years, and his wife to five years and four months in prison with the possibility of early release no earlier than four years.

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