28 August 2009

Psychotropic weed spray: on sale soon!

The smell of freshly cut grass has a psychotropic effectCopper news
Australian scientists have discovered substances in freshly cut grass that act on certain parts of the brain.

They evoke a sense of well-being and relaxation and can help in the fight against stress and thinking disorders in old age. Based on these substances, they created a pharmacologically active flavor, the Telegraph reports.

The idea of creating such a flavor came to Nick Lavidis from the University of Queensland in Brisbane during a trip to the American Yosemite National Park.

Studies conducted by Lavidis and colleagues have shown that chemicals from freshly cut grass directly affect the amygdala and hippocampus – brain structures responsible for the formation of emotions and the regulation of behavior in stressful situations. With chronic stress in the hippocampus, the number of connections between nerve cells decreases, which leads to memory disorders.

Based on three substances released when cutting grass, scientists have created a flavor called Serenascent. The process of its development took seven years. Experiments on mice have shown that the smell of this fragrance prevents damage to the hippocampus caused by chronic stress.

Within the next month, the industrial production of Serenascent in the form of aerosol for rooms and bed linen will begin. The price of one bottle, the volume of which is not specified, will be about 4 pounds (about 200 rubles).

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