03 October 2012

Rusnano will profitably sell Ruskhimbio

The Board of Directors of Rusnano at the next meeting approved the withdrawal from the previously invested infrastructure project to create a Russian warehouse-catalog of chemical and biochemical reagents (Ruskhimbio LLC).

The buyer of 21% of the company's authorized capital will be the applicant of the project, and 25.62% will be purchased by a foreign strategic investor, which will allow him to enter the Russian market by investing in a dynamically developing company. It should be noted that this is the first example of the sale of a part of Rusnano's stake to an external investor when exiting the project.

Rusnano's estimated return on investment (IRR) will be 27%. Rusnano's investment in the project amounted to 42.8 million rubles.

Rusnano's participation in the project made it possible to create a warehouse in Russia where about 20 thousand positions of chemical and biochemical reagents with an on-line order system and delivery within 24 hours in Moscow and 72 hours in Russia are promptly available. A catalog of reagents has also been formed with the inclusion of Russian manufacturers in its product range to promote their products, both on the Russian and foreign markets.

The implementation of the project made it possible to build an infrastructure in the country that provides a full range of services for providing high-purity chemical and biochemical reagents to Russian manufacturers and research organizations, eliminating one of the significant constraints on the emergence of innovative developments and companies in the field of biomedicine.

Thus, the transaction satisfies two main criteria for Rusnano's successful exit from existing investment projects: profitability is not lower than planned and the ability of the project to develop independently.

Portal "Eternal youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru according to the materials of the Rusnano press service03.10.2012

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