11 September 2012


In 2013, the grandiose ImagineNano exhibition will take place

The Exhibition Center in Bilbao will host ImagineNano for the second time, a worldwide event concerning nanoscience and nanotechnology. This event will be held next spring from April 23-26 (Bilbao, Spain), SciencePlanet reports.

The ImagineNano exhibition will be organized thanks to the Phantoms Foundation, CIC nanoGUNE, Donostia International Physics Centre and the Bilbao Exhibition Center itself.

Several international conferences will be held during this exhibition: Graphene, NanoSpain, NanoBio&Med, Photonics/Plasmonics/Magneto-Optics (PPM), TNA Energy and nanoSD – Security&Defense. There will also be a huge exhibition showing innovative achievements in the field of research and development of nanotechnology, an industrial forum and a brokerage event. The event will bring together a certain community of nanotechnology, including products, as well as politicians and investors.

The exhibition is expected to bring together companies and organizations from various industries: nanotechnology, tools, materials, nanomaterials, biotechnology, networks, investors, publications and metrology.

Recall that ImagineNano-2011 included:

  • 1,500 participants from 42 countries
  • 90 stands
  • 160 companies-institutions
  • 600 poster reports
  • 300 speakers
  • Industrial Forum
  • Broker events

"ImagineNano" today is the largest and most dictating event held in Europe. This event is considered a unique platform for interaction between science and business.

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