13 November 2019

Investing in Immortality

The first conference on "Investing in Immortality" will be held in Moscow

Arina Petrova, Hi-tech+

The conference "Investing in Immortality" will be held on December 3 in the IC Skolkovo on the territory of the Hadassah Medical Clinic in the International Medical Cluster of the IC Skolkovo.

The organizers are the Centaura non–profit project of Vitaly Ponomarev, the founder of WayRay, and Forbes Russia.

Centaura is an ambitious and large–scale project of the founder of WayRay and the creator of the world's first augmented reality navigation systems, Vitaly Ponomarev, aimed at combating aging. Centaura's mission is to prevent aging and reverse age–related changes, maintain people's mental abilities and physical health at a high level, and significantly increase life expectancy.
Not limited to the study of age-dependent diseases, Centaura focuses on the study of the fundamental mechanisms of aging and takes into account all the causes of age-related changes in the body. Such an integrated approach will make it possible to identify the links between aging and chronic diseases and develop innovative solutions that will improve the quality of human life and lead to longevity.

The purpose of the conference is to tell the public about scientific breakthroughs and trends in the study of aging, investments in biotechnology and business opportunities in this area.

The conference will last all day and will cover a wide range of topics on the application of biotechnologies in medicine and healthcare. Among the special guests are representatives of the largest venture funds, the World Health Organization and leading companies in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals.

The world's leading scientists in the field of aging research from the USA, Singapore, Great Britain and Russia will make presentations:  Vadim Gladyshev (Harvard Medical School), Vera Gorbunova (University of Rochester), Jerry Shay (University of Texas), Brian Kennedy (National University of Singapore), Joao Pedro de Magalhaes (University of Liverpool), Alexey Moskalev, Peter Fedichev (MIPT) and others.

"For entrepreneurs and investors, biotechnology has become a new fashionable toy. Some want to make money on a revolutionary cure for cancer, others really defeat the disease. Biotech excites minds and paints amazing pictures of the future – without old age, disease and even death. This idea has captured the minds of mankind throughout its existence and, perhaps, we are now on the threshold of a new era and new opportunities," moderator, Editorial Director of Forbes Nikolay Uskov.

"Aging is a new field of biology and medicine that has not been studied before. In the long term, it opens up unprecedented social and economic opportunities. We want to demonstrate how important it is to study ways to combat age–related diseases and the fundamental causes of aging itself," explained the idea of holding the conference, the founder of Centaura Vitaly Ponomarev. – Now most investors are focused on projects with quick profits. Our task is to show the long–term prospects that open up fundamental research on aging in order to stimulate financial support for such scientific projects."

Experts in the field of biology and medicine, investors, students, postgraduates, biohackers and anyone interested in science and business in the field of longevity can take part in the conference. See the link for details.

Portal "Eternal youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru

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