06 November 2019

MMIF-2019: program


Top reasons to visit the forum

  • Here you will gain the knowledge to take the first step to creation of own business
  • Learn how from a scientific idea coming to commercial investment project
  • On the forum will tell not only about the business in Russia, but also about International cooperation
  • Hear about the risks of implementation of public-private partnerships in healthcare and consider the examples
  • These are just some of the topics of the forum

Why do I have to come, why would I?

Remember, your environment, useful contacts is one of the foundations, which opens up new possibilities in various fields. In the forum you will be able to meet partners, investors, potential clients and employers.

Not to mention a powerful boost of motivation!

To learn more, sign up right now. Space is limited!

The program MIEF-2019


Registration of participants of the Forum


The exhibition tour guests of honor


Opening of the Forum, welcome honored guests

Plenary session "Investing in health is investing into the future" (hall "section")


Press approach (Press-wall, 1 floor)


The signing of agreements (Press-wall, 1 floor)

Hall "Section"

Hall Of The "Pie"

Hall "Apricots"

Small hall


Investment in the development of health infrastructure

Insurance and medicine

Prospects of development of Russian medical and pharmaceutical industry in the conditions of realization of the National project "Health". International cooperation of Russia in the field of medicine and pharmacy

From scientific ideas to the investment project




Digital medicine is the most important part of the digital economy of Russia

Medical business in Russia. Promising areas in the market of private medical services and laboratory diagnostics. Export of medical services. LCA. Insurance support of the Russians abroad and insurance support of foreigners on the territory of the Russian Federation

Health age (healthy age) anti-age (anti-aging medicine), gerontology and geriatrics. Sports. Healthy city. Ecology – the longevity factor. Smart city security and health. Architecture, design and construction of health

The portal of "Eternal youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru

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