21 March 2019

PTSD gene

The cause of accelerated aging under stress has been found


Scientists at Boston University in the USA have identified the mechanism by which stress contributes to accelerated aging. The Klotho gene plays a key role in it. This is reported in a press release by Boston University School of Medicine Researchers Identify Gene Variant Associated with Cellular Aging.

The study involved 309 American veterans, most of whom suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which arose against the background of the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Blood samples were taken from all the volunteers for genetic analysis, and they also underwent magnetic resonance imaging to study the structure and functions of the brain.

It turned out that those who had specific mutations in the Klotho gene and showed the most severe symptoms of PTSD showed the strongest signs of accelerated cellular aging. According to scientists, the results help to understand the physiology of premature cell wear and make proteins encoded by the Klotho gene a potential target for drugs designed to combat age-related inflammation, metabolic dysfunction and disorders of the nervous system.

It is known that a decrease in the activity of the Klotho protein is associated with aging. Its increased expression in the cells of experimental mice increases the life expectancy of rodents.

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