10 October 2013

Why do people lose weight from physical education?

Sports affect the metabolism in adipose tissue

ABC Magazine based on MedPage Today: Exercise Alters Gene Expression in Fat TissuePhysical activity can affect the work of genes in adipose tissue associated with the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Such conclusions were reached by researchers led by Tina Ronn from Lund University in Sweden.

The study conducted by Swedish scientists involved 23 people who were healthy, but before the experiment practically did not exercise. Participants were asked to exercise 3 times a week.

The scientists analyzed the level of DNA methylation at 485577 sites, mRNA expression of 21014 genes, as well as the general health of patients.

Those who were engaged in sports had a significant increase in peak oxygen consumption, increased pulse rate and HDL cholesterol levels. Despite the fact that the body mass index and weight remained unchanged, measurements showed a decrease in chest girth and the ratio of chest and hip girths.

The authors found a significant change in the level of DNA methylation in 18 genes associated with the development of obesity and in 21 genes associated with type 2 diabetes in those participants of the experiment who regularly exercised for six months. The authors also managed to detect changes in the mRNA expression level of six of the studied genes, two of which were associated with obesity, and four with diabetes. Further experiments showed that changes in the level of methylation and expression of some genes also affected lipid metabolism.

The data obtained indicate that physical activity and subsequent changes in the level of DNA methylation can affect metabolism in adipose tissue. The authors also stressed the importance of physical exercise for overweight people and those with type 2 diabetes.

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