05 March 2014

"For Women in Science" – 2014

The reception of questionnaires of young women scientists for the L'Oreal scholarship is open

<url>Applications for participation in the 2014 contest under the program "For Women in Science" have been accepted.

This competition is held in Russia by L'Oreal with the support of UNESCO and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Applications are accepted until July 31, 2014. This year, the amount of the L'Oreal-UNESCO scholarship is 400 thousand rubles.

According to the organizers, the aim of the competition is to support young Russian women who are actively engaged in scientific activities. According to the terms of the competition, female scientists, candidates of sciences under the age of 35 can become applicants for the national scholarship. Applicants must work in Russian scientific institutes and universities in the following disciplines: physics, chemistry, medicine and biology. The criteria for the selection of scholarship holders are scientific achievements, the significance and practical benefits of their scientific research.

In his comment "Polit.The chairman of the jury of the competition, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Khokhlov stressed that this year the selection conditions and the questionnaire filled out by young scientists were changed. "We ask the applicants to formulate their main scientific achievements in a short essay (so that it would be easier for the jury to assess the essence of the work, and not focus only on the topics of the articles)," he said.

In addition, the organizers ask the applicants to indicate the contact details of colleagues who could recommend them. "This makes it possible, if necessary, to form an opinion on the merits of the applicants from the words of people who know them well and their work," Alexey Removich noted.

Applicants for the competition are also asked to provide their researcher ID number according to the Web of Science database, as well as send scientometric data about themselves: the Hirsch index and the number of citations. Previously, candidates for the competition were asked to send only a list of scientific articles. In addition, in order to check publication activity on databases, applicants are now asked to indicate the impact factors of journals, their names in English, including all their spellings appearing in articles. The jury will also consider information about the applicants' teaching activities, their leadership of graduate students and students, and foreign internships. "All these data will be taken into account one way or another, along with expert assessment," Academician Khokhlov stressed.

The program "For Women in Science" has been implemented in Russia since 2007 and is part of the international project L'OREAL-UNESCO "For Women in Science" ("For Women in Science"). To participate in the competition, you must send a completed questionnaire to: loreal@lorealfellowships-russia.org .

You can download the questionnaire form and find out more details on the contest website.

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