20 June 2014

Internship in Japan

Grants 2015-2016 (research scholarships) for internships in Japan

The Matsumae International Foundation announces a 2015-2016 scholarship competition for specialists with a PhD (or equivalent) degree in natural sciences, engineering and medicine.

Researchers who do not have Japanese citizenship are invited to participate in the competition.

Conditions of participation in the competition:

  • The presence of a PhD degree (or another, which will be recognized by the experts of the Foundation as equivalent)
  • Age up to 49 years at the time of application
  • Proficiency in English or Japanese

Applications are accepted from citizens who have never been to Japan before and are outside Japan at the time of submitting the application, who have been professionally held in their native country and have firm intentions to return home after visiting Japan.

The duration of the internship is from 3 to 6 months in the period from April 2015 to March 2016.

In this academic year, the Foundation plans to allocate 20 scholarships.

The contestants are free to choose the institute (research laboratory, university, national research institute, private corporation) in whose research activities they would like to participate, but the contestants must independently obtain the consent of the host organization. The Foundation does not give advice or advice on the selection of research organizations that accept fellows.

Financial conditions: The Foundation provides the scholarship holder with economy class tickets from the international airport nearest to his place of residence to Tokyo and back. Tickets cannot be exchanged for money. Monthly payments amount to 240 thousand yen. They are intended to pay for training, supplies for research, housing and food. The scholarship holder is provided with medical insurance. A one-time allowance of 100 thousand yen is allocated for the initial arrangement. The scholarship does not provide financial support for the family or dependents.

The application must be sent from the participant's home country.

Applications sent by fax or e-mail are not accepted.

Applications must be received by the Fund by August 31, 2014.

The list of documents required to submit an application and detailed information about the competition are available on the website of the Matsumae Foundation.

The translation of the message was carried out by employees of IC "NT-INFORM".

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