16 November 2010

V Internet Olympiad on Nanotechnology: the nearest plans

On November 12, the implementation of the state contract P1010 (NI-25) within the framework of the direction 2 "Development of the information and analytical component of the Nanoindustry infrastructure" of the federal target program "Development of the Nanoindustry infrastructure in the Russian Federation for 2008-2010" was completed. The implementation of this project and the support of the Ministry of Education and Science were key to the creation of the system of Internet Olympiads "Nanotechnology - a breakthrough into the Future", organized by Moscow University with the support of RUSNANO, ONEXIM Group and other partners.

The completion of this stage of the project means its transition to a new quality, in particular, during the V Internet Olympiad on Nanotechnology in 2011, emphasis will be placed on:

  • wider and targeted coverage of participants,
  • formation of a set of interesting theoretical, practically oriented and experimental tasks,
  • development of regional Olympic venues,
  • project activities of schoolchildren and research works of students, postgraduates, young scientists,
    formation of educational (structural) modules within the Club of participants of Internet Olympiads.

In accordance with a recent order of the Ministry of Education and Science, the qualifying round of the V Internet Olympiad in Nanotechnology will be held until January 31, 2011, and the main events of the face-to-face round will be completed by March 31, 2011. In connection with this change of deadlines, technical changes to the Olympiad website will be carried out by the end of November, which will allow the official registration of new participants of the Olympiad to begin from the beginning of December, reorganize the Olympiad Participants Club, and hold all the main rounds of the Olympiad. All participants of the previous Olympiads registered in the Internet Olympiad Participants Club can take part in the V Internet Olympiad, however, they must update ("update") their personal information right now (the questionnaires are checked manually and the restoration to the number of participants will occur in the period from 1 minute to 1 day, but none it will not be lost or deleted from the questionnaires). The Internet Olympiad has passed the examination of the Russian Council of School Olympiads and will be included in the official register of Olympiads for 2011, which provide benefits for admission to universities.

For the V Internet Olympiad, it is also proposed to make some changes to its name, reflecting the essence of the changes that have already taken place with it: replace the "All-Russian Internet Olympiad "Nanotechnology – breakthrough into the Future"" with the "All-Russian (with international participation) Intellectual Forum–Olympiad "Nanotechnology - breakthrough into the future"", meaning an even greater emphasis is placed on attracting research and holding a school conference on a full-time tour, which, according to many participants, does not quite fit into the narrower term "Olympiad". The abbreviated name of the Olympiad will remain e-Nannos in transcription with s in the form of a capital Greek letter "sigma".

Information about the V Internet Olympiad was distributed at the Science Festival, excursions of schoolchildren at the III International Forum on Nanotechnology, additional information will be at open lectures with demonstration experiments that are planned to be held for schoolchildren in the near future.

Official information about the Olympiad will be given later. Follow the ads on the Nanometer website.

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