28 October 2014

X Eurotransbio Competition

The Assistance Fund announces the launch of a transnational competition
within the framework of the ERANET project

Eurotransbio is a long–term initiative launched within the framework of the sixth EU Framework Program with the aim of financing small business projects in the field of biotechnology (in all areas accepted by EU standards) and stimulating companies for trans-European cooperation. EU funds are allocated for the coordination and administrative expenses of project participants – financing organizations and regional and federal agencies that support certain thematic areas of R&D.

This pilot initiative consists in the implementation of multilateral competitions for joint European-Russian projects in the field of applied research on the subject of "Biotechnology":

  • "red" biotechnologies (biotechnologies in medicine and healthcare);
  • "white" biotechnologies (biotechnologies for industry);
  • "green" biotechnologies (biotechnologies in agriculture);
  • "blue biotechnologies" (biotechnologies in the field of marine research);
  • biotechnologies for environmental protection.

Project participants (funding parties):

  1. FFG (Austria);
  2. Tekes (Finland);
  3. IWT (Belgium, Flemish region);
  4. DGOEER (Belgium, Wallonia region);
  5. DIRES (France, Alsace region);
  6. FZJ Julich (Germany);
  7. MSE, Ministry of Economy (Italy);
  8. Innobasque (Spain, Basque region);
  9. Fund for Assistance to the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere (Russia).

The consortium applying for the project must include at least two small enterprises from two countries participating in the project. Research organizations, universities and large companies can participate in the project, but it should be coordinated by a small enterprise. The maximum amount allocated by the Assistance Fund for the Russian participant of the project is 8 million rubles. The Fund's rules provide for parity financing of the project by the Russian participant.

Applications for participation are submitted electronically (in English)

Application form.

Guide to participation in the program (in English).

Search for potential partners to submit applications.

A small innovative enterprise from Russia will also have to fill out forms in Russian, which will appear later.

Applications are accepted until January 30, 2015. The results of the international examination will be announced in April-May 2015. The decision on project financing will be made in June 2015. The start of financing is September 2015.

Contact person: Olga G. Levchenko, Head of International Programs of the Assistance Fund, tel. +7 (495) 231-38-51, levchenko@fasie.ru.

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