23 September 2019

LIAR-2019: semi-final

In Russia, they choose an Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences-2019

"Doctor Peter" based on the materials of the contest website

Voting has started in Russia to select the three finalists of the award for contribution to the spread of pseudoscience. There are ten people on the list of candidates for the title of Honorary Academician of the Lying Academy of Pseudoscience (LIED), among them doctors, Instagram healers and anti-vaccinators.

The award for the title of the chief pseudoscientist is being held for the fourth time. According to the organizers, its goal is to draw public attention to the problem of the spread of pseudoscience in Russia. At the first stage, which ended on September 12, anyone could leave a comment in one of the communities "Anthropogenesis.ru" and offer a person, in his opinion, worthy of participation in the award. According to the rules, religious and political figures do not participate in the selection. As a result, more than 180 applicants were nominated. After viewing them, a list of the 23 most popular names was compiled, then this top-23 was analyzed by the Expert Council, which selected 10 candidates for reaching the semifinals according to special criteria. Three finalists will be chosen from them as a result of a popular vote – the voting will last until October 5. The winner will be determined by the jury by secret ballot – the award ceremony will be held on October 19 at the Moscow forum "Scientists against Myths-11".


So, the top 10 looks like this:

1. Mikhail Vinogradov, forensic psychiatrist, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Mikhail Vinogradov directs the "Center for Legal and Psychological Assistance in Extreme Situations", which provides such services as "clairvoyance", "predictions" and "aurology". For several years he was an expert on the television project "Battle of Psychics". In the media, he also acts as an expert on the topic of parapsychology and extrasensory perception.

2. Peter Garyaev, Candidate of Biological Sciences

This expert is called the creator of the theory of the wave genome, according to which information in DNA is contained in the form of a wave (acoustic, optical or "torsion"). Claims that waves with encoded information can be treated for AIDS, cancer and other diseases.

3. Alexander Dugin, philosopher, political scientist, conspiracy theorist

Alexander Dugin is a candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Doctor of Political and Sociological Sciences. He became the author of a number of books imbued with irrationalism and hostility to science. For example, in his opinion, science is based on PR, suggestion and forgery, and without religion it is dead at all.

4. Vladimir Zhdanov, Chairman of the Union of Struggle for National Sobriety

He became famous thanks to lectures on the dangers of alcoholism based on sobriology (a pseudoscientific direction that encourages people to completely abandon alcohol by exaggerating the dangers associated with it – Ed.). In addition, the main topics of his lectures are telegony (this science, mentioned back in ancient Greece, claims that a child inherits signs not only his father, but also his mother's former sexual partners – Ed.), restoration of vision by the Bates method, promotion of separate nutrition and homeopathy.

5. Natalia Zubareva, famous Instagram blogger, guru of alternative medicine

This candidate is a general practitioner, cardiologist, also calls herself an endocrinologist, nutritionist, children's nutritionist and sports nutritionist. For example, Natalia talks about such dangers as leaky intestines, toxic deodorants, toothpaste and plastic dishes. Offers salvation with the help of dietary supplements and author's diets created on the basis of hair analysis.

6. Anatoly Klesov, biochemist

The author of "DNA genealogy", promoted by him as a new science studying population migration and the genetic history of mankind. Due to the incorrectness of the theoretical foundations of "DNA genealogy", its methods and conclusions, this concept is recognized by the scientific community as pseudoscientific.

7. Alexey Kungurov, conspiracy theorist and alternative historian

The author of a series of videos "Distortion of history – a way to control consciousness", in which he claims that at the beginning of the XIX century there was a nuclear war, medieval armor cannot be made without forging and pressing equipment, the atlanteans of the Hermitage are made of geopolymer concrete, until the XX century there were no other states in the world except the All-Russian state.

8. Roman Milovanov, blogger, raw food eater, anti-vaccination

He tells his subscribers about how to live and eat right, simultaneously promoting conspiracy theories. Cow's milk contains pus, meat causes cancer, people are killed in hospitals, vaccinations are evil, deception is all around, and the Earth is flat.

9. Nikolay Starikov, public figure, publicist, conspiracy theorist

He has written 19 books on history, political science, economics and geopolitics. Propagandizes conspiracy theories of the West (USA and Great Britain) against Russia. 

10. Ekaterina Filatova (Katia Txi), instagram blogger, naturopath, anti-vaccination

He presents himself as a universal specialist who gives authoritative advice on treatment and cancels doctors' appointments. He calls on cancer patients to give up chemotherapy, and infectious patients to give up antibiotics. Prescribes coffee enemas, homeopathy and horse doses of vitamin C.

The founders of the award are the Evolution Foundation and the largest scientific and educational portal in Russia dedicated to human evolution, <url>. 
Last year The honorary academician was recognized as a LIAR Oleg Epstein, pharmacologist, homeopath, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the company "Materia Medica Holding", which produces "release-active drugs".

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