27 August 2018

Telemedicine in 5G

MegaFon presents digital solutions in the field of healthcare


On July 30, 2018, MegaFon, together with the Department of Information Technology of Moscow and the vendor Huawei, presented innovative solutions at the intersection of telecommunications and medicine.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the latest generation of cellular communications on the territory of the Morozovskaya Children's City Clinical Hospital of the Moscow Department of Health, MegaFon has specially deployed a 5G network test zone on Huawei equipment. The presentation of the developments is attended by Anton Pirogov, Operating Director of the MegaFon Moscow branch, Alexander Gorbatko, Deputy Head of the Moscow Information Technology Department, Alexey Pogonin, Deputy Head of the Moscow Health Department, and Igor Koltunov, Chief Physician of the Morozovskaya DGKB.

"As part of the agreement with the Moscow Government, MegaFon consistently implements projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the city. This time the focus is on healthcare: we strive to make complex instrumental research accessible to people. As one of the flagships of digitalization, MegaFon is testing a fifth–generation network so that patients who need prompt assistance from specialists do not have to go to specialized medical centers," comments Anton Pirogov, Operations director of the MegaFon Metropolitan branch.

"In the near future, the 5G standard will become the basis for the development of urban projects in all spheres of public life – from education to transport and housing and communal services. Healthcare occupies a special place in this list: with the help of high–speed networks, it becomes possible to implement the most daring ideas related to the diagnosis of diseases and the prompt provision of medical care," notes Alexander Gorbatko, Deputy Head of the Information Technology Department of Moscow.

"The use of telecommunication technologies in medical practice allows us to solve many problems, first of all, to increase the comfort and accessibility of medical care for patients. With the help of specialized equipment, residents of the capital will be able to quickly contact a doctor in order, for example, to adjust their treatment plan and get the necessary recommendations without leaving home," comments Alexey Pogonin, Deputy head of the Moscow City Health Department.

"The digital transformation of industries is accelerating. The development of technologies and scenarios for the use of 5G will contribute to the integration of industries and the creation of new opportunities, both in life and in business," comments Lulibo, Vice president of Marketing and technical Sales at Huawei. – Huawei is committed to developing new areas of use of 5G technology, as an example, using the capabilities of the new standard in the field of healthcare. We are ready to work with telecom operators and third-party players from vertical industries to usher in a new era of 5G."

Within the framework of the event, MegaFon experts will present two cases on telemedicine:

Remote ultrasound diagnostics

With the help of medical equipment for ultrasound – a robotic "hand" – MegaFon will demonstrate the capabilities of the 5G standard for remote diagnosis of diseases. The "hand" controlled by the doctor remotely scans areas with a diameter of up to 800 mm, and the accuracy of repeated positioning is ± 0.1 mm. The robot is able to transmit all kinds of information to the specialist, including tactile, while the doctor and the patient can communicate using HD video.

Genetic Sequencing Platform

DNA sequencing is the determination of the primary sequence of nucleotides in the composition of macromolecules carrying hereditary information. Over a high-speed 5G network, it is possible to transfer a huge amount of data to a remote server, for example, 140 GB of DNA decryption for operational analysis. The prototype of this solution is being demonstrated in Russia for the first time.

For the first time, the capabilities of telemedicine from MegaFon were demonstrated at the Moscow Urban Forum along with other cases of the company – a communications complex for operational services of the city and a unified environmental monitoring platform. Unlike the forum, which was attended mainly by business representatives, the event at the Morozovskaya Hospital is focused on doctors and experts in the field of ICT.

MegaFon is the leader of the digital market, which provides digital solutions in all segments of the telecommunications market. The operator and its subsidiaries operate in all regions of Russia, as well as in some neighboring countries.  By the end of 2017, the total subscriber base totals more than 77 million people – more than half of the country's population.The company's infrastructure continues to be the best on the market and meets the needs of a modern digital client.
In 2017, MegaFon was selected as the official provider of telecommunications infrastructure and additional services at the venues of the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. MegaFon is constantly introducing new technologies to make Russian business develop even more efficiently and dynamically. MegaFon was the first among Russian telecom operators to introduce 3G, 4G, LTE, LTE Advanced standards. The company is currently working on the development of the standard

Huawei is the world's leading provider of infocommunication solutions, whose goal is to enrich people's lives through communication. Thanks to our innovative developments focused on customer needs and a developed partner network, we have achieved high results in the development of telecommunications networks, terminal solutions and cloud computing systems. 180 thousand Huawei employees around the world strive to create the most favorable conditions for operators, enterprises and end users, providing them with competitive solutions and services. One third of the world's population uses our innovative products, solutions and services in more than 170 countries around the world. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company wholly owned by its employees.

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