26 November 2019

Thirteen in one

Toshiba has developed a diagnostic method that can detect 13 types of cancer in one drop of blood

Maria Azarova, Naked Science

Toshiba Corporation has introduced a new method for diagnosing oncological diseases. According to the Japanese news agency Kyodo, the technology will be able to recognize 13 types of cancer even at an early stage with just one drop of blood, and the accuracy of the forecast will be 99 percent.

The research was conducted jointly with the Research Institute of the National Cancer Center and the Tokyo Medical University. According to scientists, the purpose of the technique is to study the types and concentrations of microRNA molecules that enter the blood from cancer cells.

The test will be carried out using a chip and a small device developed by Toshiba. Thus, it will be possible to detect cancer of the stomach, esophagus, lungs, liver, biliary tract, pancreas, intestines, ovaries, prostate, bladder and breast, as well as sarcoma and glioma.


A device with a built-in chip developed by Toshiba for cancer diagnosis

"Compared to the developments of other companies, we have an advantage in terms of the accuracy of cancer detection, the time required for diagnosis, and cost," Koji Hashimoto, head of the Toshiba Frontier Research Laboratory, explained to reporters.

According to Toshiba, for a blood test under the new technique, you will need to pay about 20 thousand yen (about $ 185) or less, the diagnostic time is about two hours. Large-scale tests of the development of Japanese scientists will begin next year.

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