23 November 2015

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How London's Super-rich are trying to buy immortality for themselves

Rebecca Newman, The Evening Standard 
Translation: InoPressa 

In the face of rapid scientific and technological progress, the super-rich are figuring out how to stop the aging process, and spending serious money in an attempt to avoid death, writes The Evening Standard journalist Rebecca Newman. She visited several places where relevant research and medical procedures are carried out. 

Opposite the Harrods department store in London is the Omniya Clinic. Its co-founder, Danial Kader, has assembled a team of leading specialists who scrupulously assess the health status of clients. 

For example, Mark Boehner, who studies cell aging, explains: "Telomeres are, so to speak, caps on the tips of our DNA. Just like the plastic on the tip of a shoe lace, they are needed so that the tips do not wear out. By measuring the length of telomeres in the laboratory, we can determine how quickly the body ages." Perhaps a person is 30 years old, but his body is worn out, like a 40-year-old. "By the length of the telomeres, you can also determine the risk of contracting several diseases – for example, breast or bowel cancer," adds Boner. 

According to Boner, the TA-65 ("product", according to the newspaper) has been patented, which can restore telomeres – that is, slow down the process that plays a major role in aging. Boehner claims that telomere lengthening "rejuvenates" cells. He can prescribe you this remedy in the form of capsules or cream. 

If you feel exhausted, Boner will check how your mitochondria work. And he will also find out if there is a reaction called "glycation" in your body that is harmful to blood and cells. Perhaps he will advise using "human growth hormone" (HGH), a stimulator of cell reproduction. It can be injected through a dropper, but it is better to promote its production in the body. 

Nutritionist Peter Cox from the same clinic assures: he can, together with Boner, weaken the effect of glycation and cure or prevent a bunch of diseases. "Even if you eat right, there is a risk that your intestines do not work optimally and do not absorb the vitamins and minerals you need," he explains. 

Therapy of internal organs is complemented by massage and cosmetology procedures. For example, the plasma of your own blood, enriched with platelets, is sprayed into wrinkles on your face. Maintenance in the clinic can cost from 10 thousand pounds per year. 

The Viavi institution, which calls itself the "health management service for private clients," serves both children and 92-year-olds. The annual fee is 12 thousand pounds. 

To begin with, they do tests, including complete DNA sequencing. "We are looking for, for example, inherited errors in DNA: if some errors accidentally coincide with some environmental factors, you will develop a disease – gallstones, heart disease, whatever," the clinic explains. 

They also monitor how clients sleep: if, due to stress or smartphone use at night, a person does not fall into a deep, so-called "fast" sleep, then his hormonal balance is not restored. Memory and attention tests are also conducted. "We can determine whether your brain is working optimally. If not, the risk of Alzheimer's disease increases significantly," doctors say. The clinic promises to develop an individual strategy to optimize emotional, mental and physical health. 

Tapan Patel, founder of PHI Clinic, specializes in aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. He uses a Brazilian technique, according to which the contours of each part of the face are analyzed in comparison with others. Doctors decide where to inject the filler, how dense and in what volume. 

Patel treats early fine wrinkles so they don't get deeper. This can be supplemented with other procedures: for example, "ultherapy" (ultrasound therapy to strengthen muscles in deep facial tissues) and laser irradiation, which stimulates the production of collagen in the body. The cost is 7 thousand pounds per year and above.

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