27 June 2012

Another diagnosis of Russian medicine

Healthcare took the second place in the corruption rating of Russia

AiFThe healthcare industry of Russia took the second place in the corruption rating of the Russian Federation.

Law enforcement agencies are in the first place, education is in the third.

According to the head of the Department for control over the investigation of corruption crimes of the Investigative Committee, Vladimir Makarov, corruption in medicine can be of two levels: household and "at the top". In the first case, these are bribes extorted by doctors. The second option is, for example, fraud in the purchase of equipment.

As an example, Makarov cited the case of the purchase of "gold" tomographs. According to the expert, such situations arise due to the lack of documents regulating the formation of a technical task for public procurement, there is no methodology for determining the minimum initial price.

In addition, the starting price for bidding is determined by the sellers of equipment, who then win the competition. And as a result, the equipment is purchased at prices three to four times higher than the market.

Often, according to Makarov, expensive "expert equipment" is purchased, for which doctors do not have the knowledge and experience to work. Also, there are no specialists who can fix a broken device. Makarov cited the example of the Magadan region, which purchased medical equipment for 300 million rubles more than a year ago, which is still not used, and part of it failed before commissioning.

"It would be much more effective if public procurement for healthcare took place at the federal level," Vladimir Makarov suggested, adding that those responsible for carrying out these procedures should be allocated.

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