28 October 2015

The Cancer vaccine needs your Money

Novosibirsk scientists raise funds for the introduction of a cancer vaccine

Scientists from Novosibirsk are raising money through crowdfunding for the introduction of a cancer vaccine they invented.

The fundraising campaign is organized on the site Planeta.ru . As reported in the "Planet", the basis of the development of Novosibirsk scientists was genetic engineering. It is noted that the drug is able to stimulate the immune system to destroy a cancerous tumor and can prolong the patient's life by about two times. Currently, work is underway to treat breast cancer, colorectal cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

The vaccine is already being used in clinical trials: 19 patients diagnosed with breast cancer have been treated.

The Research Institute of Clinical Immunology of the SB RAMS, where the development was made, notes that the proposed method of fighting cancer is unique and there are already patients with a good effect of treatment.

"The innovation of treatment lies in the development of a personal vaccine for each individual patient. An important difference between the new vaccine and others is that it does not cause any side effects. At the moment, there are no vaccines offered by us on the Russian market, but similar developments are underway that differ in technology," the report says.

It is expected that a vaccine for the treatment of breast cancer will appear in clinics in 2016. The developers are ready to produce the drug on an industrial scale, but large funds are needed to complete clinical trials, start production and develop a "cheap" version of the vaccine.

"In the present research, they mainly live on grants, support of funds, including venture funds, subsidies and competitions. But this is not enough, so we decided to turn to popular financing and launched a crowd campaign on the Planet. So far, we have collected about 50 thousand rubles, but we need millions. We hope for a response!", — the researchers point out.

You can get acquainted with the project, support the scientific development financially, and also ask scientists questions on the website Planeta.ru .

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