06 September 2021

Fat burners

How do they work and why are they dangerous

Sofya Khromova, "Doctor Jupiter"

What kind of fat burners are there and is it true that with their help you will become slimmer – we are dealing with fitness trainer Alexander Kozhevnikov.

Fat burners are special supplements that help fight fat deposits. Athletes take a whole range of different supplements to build muscle, help the body recover after a hard workout, strengthen joints. But the appearance of fat burners on the market also interested those who have nothing to do with sports. A magic pill that will help get rid of fat deposits – how can I not try it? But the consequences of taking it can be very serious.

"If you control the energy balance, which can be described as "intake – expenditure of calories", you can not worry about sudden weight gain. But it is quite difficult to maintain this balance, and many do not want to totally immerse themselves in this topic, count calories. The result is extra pounds. That's when it seems that fat burners are an excellent solution to the problem," the expert says.

Fat burner complexes work like this: they contain a number of substances that help to "recycle" excess accumulated fat with the help of certain chemical reactions.

What are fat burners

All fat burners can be divided into three types:

  • thermogenics – act by increasing heat production, accelerating metabolic processes and suppressing appetite. Their composition is well known to coaches and athletes: caffeine, hydroxyl citric acid, choline, guarana, green tea extract and extracts of other herbs.
  • lipotropics – increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body without increasing body temperature. Their composition is similar to that of thermogenics, but with a weaker fat-burning effect: lipoic acid, vitamin B6, methionine, selenium, extracts of various herbs, caffeine;
  • adrenomimetics are chemicals that somehow stimulate the secretion of stress hormones secreted by the adrenal cortex: adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol.

Of course, we can say that these drugs have a fat-burning effect. For example, adrenomimetics release and utilize fat best of all, but in fact these are medications that should be sold only by prescription.

Thermogenics and lipotropics have a less pronounced effect, they are safer. Plus they contain useful substances: vitamin B6, lipolic acid, selenium, etc. The effect of fat burners will be noticeable if you do not forget about proper nutrition, calorie consumption, drinking regime.

How can they harm your health

But taking such supplements out of control is a bad idea, says Alexander Kozhevnikov. For example, thermogenics, like a number of other drugs, also have their own side effects and contraindications, which few people take into account.

Lipotropics and thermogenics are not recommended for use by people with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as those who have hormonal disorders.

A large percentage of people over 35-40 years old suffer from hypertension, pancreatic and thyroid diseases. Taking fat burners can negatively affect the functioning of both individual organs and the whole body as a whole. Adrenomimetics can also surprise you in the form of a lot of side effects.

Another important detail: uncontrolled intake of fat burners can increase the load on the central nervous system and lead to nervous, cognitive disorders, neurasthenia, hysteria, obsessive states and insomnia.

Temporary effect

It is impossible to drink 1-2 packs of fat burners, lose extra pounds, and then stop drinking them and stay at the same weight.

"Unfortunately, the effect of using thermogenics persists only while you drink them. If you don't start eating and moving properly, then the use of fat burners becomes simply meaningless. The lost kilograms will return immediately after the cancellation of these supplements," the expert concluded.

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