27 April 2017

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Teas and ointments allegedly curing cancer are called a "cruel deception"

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has called the assurances of some companies that their products are capable of curing cancer a "cruel deception". On Tuesday, a division of the Department dealing with the protection of order in the food and drug market sent warning letters to 14 companies. about "illegal trade in 65 products fraudulently advertised as means that can prevent, diagnose, treat or completely cure cancer."

Some of the products that have attracted the attention of the FDA.
The full list can be found on the management's website.

Companies that have received this letter must respond within the time limit prescribed by law. At the same time, manufacturers have two options: either to remove products from sale that have come to the attention of regulatory authorities, or to change advertising and packaging in such a way that they no longer contradict the established rules. "If these actions are not taken for any reason, appropriate measures will be taken against the manufacturing companies, for example, confiscation of products, injunctions and/or criminal prosecution," the Department said in a statement.

Among the products included in the FDA list are tablets, creams, ointments, oils, drops, syrups and teas. Instagram Facebook and Instagram, as a rule, they are advertised and sold online, primarily through social networks, for example, through Facebook and Instagram. The full list is published on the Management's website.

Some companies have already responded to the letters sent out, informing either about the beginning of work on changing labels, or about the removal of sites and pages in social networks through which advertising and sales of products were carried out. Some, however, although they agreed with the requirements of the FDA, continue to insist that they have found "a natural way to defeat cancer and the human papillomavirus (HPV)."

The founder of the Vitamin C Foundation responded to the FDA letter with his own statement, which states the following: "This is not the first time the FDA has attacked vitamin C, trying to create the impression that vitamin C is an illegal drug. In my opinion, these attacks on vitamin C have nothing to do with either the public interest or public health."

"Buyers should not use these or similar products without proven effectiveness. Firstly, they may not be safe. And secondly, a person who will use such products may refuse to undergo diagnostics and treatment, which in some cases can save lives," Douglas Stearn, head of the FDA's Office of Enforcement and Import Operations, said in a statement. – We recommend that people remain vigilant both online and in stores, and do not purchase products that are advertised as cancer treatments, but have no evidence that they really work. Patients should consult with doctors to get information about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer."

In some products included in the FDA list, ingredients that can harm health have been found. In addition, it is not known how these products will interact with other drugs taken by the patient, and how they will affect the diseases that a person has.

Although the promises of unscrupulous sellers vary from product to product, as a rule, the same turns are used in advertising. The following words and expressions are recommended by the FDA to be considered as a "red light" indicating that the product most likely does not have the declared properties:

  • Treats all forms of cancer.
  • Miraculously kills cancer cells and tumors.
  • Reduces malignant tumors.
  • Selectively kills cancer cells.
  • More effective than chemotherapy.
  • It affects cancer cells without affecting healthy ones.
  • Cures cancer.

The danger is that these products have not been tested. They are not a substitute for traditional treatment and can not only harm the patient's health, but also make him waste time and money.

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