23 August 2012

Will a new form of dietary supplement help you lose weight?

Herbalife in a scientific way

Roman Ivanov, ComputerDow has announced that it has managed to obtain the first promising results in clinical trials of a dietary supplement for the production of yoghurts, fruit cocktails and other products that can effectively reduce the irrepressible feeling of hunger, allowing people to feel really full for longer.

In a report presented at the annual conference of the American Chemical Society taking place these days, researchers describe the product as an upgraded version of a dietary supplement that has been used for half a century.

A potential remedy thrown at the fight against gluttony turned out to be modest methylcellulose – a white powder soluble in cold water with the formation of a viscous solution that turns into a gel (like gelatin jelly) when heated. Methylcellulose is able to give products based on it a pleasant texture, as well as keep a variety of ingredients from spreading across the plate. For this, it enjoys well-deserved recognition among food producers and has long been part of hundreds of products. However, more and more out of necessity – for example, to give a better presentation.

Now scientists have seen in methylcellulose a means that can give a person a false feeling of satiety and keep him from continuing the banquet. According to them, this study was the first where the substance is used for medical purposes; moreover, real clinical trials have already begun. A dietary supplement makes people feel "completely full" after consuming a very small amount of food. Well, how can I not remember the notorious Herbalife with its cellulose-based food additive! The only question is whether such therapy will help people, indulging their desire to walk forever with a full belly. On the other hand, let it be better than nothing…

The new version of methylcellulose, called SATISFY-LTG (produced by the German company Dow Wolff Cellulosics, a division of the multinational chemical corporation Dow Company), has shown remarkable results from the very beginning of clinical trials. Volunteers who consumed the supplement reported a real decrease in hunger. There was also a decrease in the number of calories consumed during each meal (by an average of 13% – judge for yourself whether it is a lot or not). In addition, the subjects felt longer hungry enough to take up the next portion of food.

According to representatives of Dow, the usual form of methylcellulose passes through the stomach too quickly (without lingering), and therefore is not able to show all its properties. In contrast, SATISFY-LTG can allegedly form a stable gel at human body temperature, which lingers in the stomach for a much longer time before going to the small intestine. The additive itself, therefore, is intended for the preparation of cold food (cocktails, yoghurts, etc.).

Prepared according to the materials of the American Chemical Society:
New form of long-used food ingredient for “anti-hunger” yogurts, smoothies.

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