13 November 2015

Diagnosis of cancer by platelet RNA

A blood test can detect cancer in the early stages

The new method is able not only to detect a tumor, but also to determine exactly where it is in the body.

Researchers from the Swedish Umeå University claim that the accuracy of their approach is 96%. The authors examined blood samples from 282 people, 228 of whom suffered from various forms of cancer, and 55 were healthy. Jonas Nilsson and his colleagues compared the RNA profile of cancer patients and healthy participants in the experiment, which allowed them to correctly diagnose cancer in 96% of cases. The researchers also managed to make an accurate diagnosis and 39 patients with early stages of cancer.

Scientists were able to correctly identify almost all the tumors they identified, as well as indicate their localization. The authors emphasize that such diagnostics in the future can become a replacement for invasive research methods, for example, biopsies.

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