27 May 2013

Diagnostician in your pocket

Universal mini scanner will tell you about your health in 10 seconds


Scientists have developed a device that allows you to quickly scan all the important parameters of the vital activity of the human body: just hold the device at the forehead for less than 10 seconds. Writes about this cnews.ru .

This device is similar to a tricorder from the science fiction series Star Trek – there a universal scanner allowed you to quickly determine the state of health. The device called Scout was developed by the American company Scanadu, based at the Scientific Research Center named after him. Ames (NASA) in Mountain View, California. Scout can monitor basic vital body functions, including temperature, heart rate and rhythm, blood oxygen levels and stress levels.

The Scout scanner is extremely compact – it can be carried in your pocket and promptly check the condition of the body at the current time. This will allow you to control the consequences, for example, of physical exertion or quickly identify a life-threatening condition

Scout developer Walter de Brauer said that the idea of such a scanner came to his mind when his son was in the hospital and had to watch monitors monitoring the parameters of his vital activity. The principle of operation of Scout is the same as that of stationary medical devices, but unlike the equipment in the clinic, it has much smaller dimensions and can be synchronized with the user's smartphone. This allows you to keep statistics of observations and identify anomalies.

The Scout device can be used everywhere, even at home. This should increase the safety of people, for example, suffering from hypertension. While the technical details of the novelty are unknown, but it can already be reserved on the developer's website.

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