25 April 2016

Gene therapy of aging: first results

Gene therapy stopped aging

BioViva Medical News: American woman gets biologically younger after gene therapies

Elizabeth Parrish (Elizabeth Parrish) became the first patient in the world on whom the "rejuvenating" gene therapy was successfully tested. The fact that the experiment was successful was reported by Parrish herself. She is the head of the company BioViva, which conducted research.

The experiment was started back in September 2015, when 44-year-old Elizabeth began to undergo two courses of gene therapy designed to stop aging. One course was designed to prevent loss of muscle mass, and the second was aimed at increasing the level of telomerase production. The injections were given to her in Colombia, so the gene therapy drugs were not approved by the FDA. The scientific community reacted ambiguously to such an experiment, and many criticized Parrish.

She decided to take such a step in order to demonstrate the safety of such treatment. Previously, the technique has already been tested on cell cultures and laboratory animals, but it has not been tested on patients. Parrish announced the beginning of the experiment on the popular Internet resource Reddit, inviting users to ask her their questions.

However, if you believe the results presented by the researchers, the gene therapy really worked. The authors claim that they managed to stop the shortening of telomeres. It is known that as cells age, telomeres become shorter. The patient's telomere length was measured before the start of the study and in March 2016. The researchers claim that gene therapy has made Elizabeth's telomeres 20 years "younger."

No other signs of rejuvenation are mentioned in the message, and telomere elongation alone is not enough to talk about rejuvenation of the body as a whole. But for a start, it's not bad – VM.

The experiment continues – the researchers plan to continue monitoring Elizabeth's health.

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