26 December 2012

In third place is the salary of medical workers

UK: medical professionals in the top 5
the highest paid professions in 2012

Weekly Pharmacy www.apteka.ua according to the Guardian: Best-paying jobs in the UK 2012The rating is compiled according to the annual Survey of Income (Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings) based on information about the salary of representatives of a particular profession before deduction of tax payments (Pay-As-You-Earn), as well as after that.

The survey shows the median value of wages before taxes.

In the UK, the 1st place in the ranking of the highest-paid professions in 2012 is occupied by managers and senior officials, CEOs (average annual income is 85,223 pounds).

The 2nd place belongs to the pilots (the average annual income is 78,736 pounds).

In 3rd place in the top 5 highest-paid professions in the UK are medical professionals (average annual income is 71,279 pounds). The salary of a doctor reflects the level of his responsibility, qualifications, workload, postgraduate education. As a rule, the maximum salary level is for those specialists whose work experience is about 20 years. To reach the professional level, a doctor will need up to 10 years of work after receiving a diploma.

The 4th place in the ranking is occupied by senior marketing and sales managers (average annual income is 68,245 pounds). To work as a top manager, it is usually required to have a higher education and work experience in a particular business area.

The top 5 highest-paid professions in the UK are rounded out by IT department managers (average annual income is 63,622 pounds). In this profession, experience and skills are extremely important, and the qualification of a specialist is of less importance.

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