27 September 2017

Investments in biomedicine

RVC Biofund increased its stake in the company "Primbiomed"

RVC Biofund (LLC "Biopharmaceutical Investments RVC") increased its participation from 54.44% to 69.48% in the research and production company "Primbiomed", accumulating achievements in the field of molecular and cellular diagnostics. Shortly before that, the portfolio company increased its authorized capital.

At the moment, the total investment of the Biofund has exceeded 50 million rubles, and private investors have also invested in the company.

Among the services provided by the company "Primbiomed" are the development of diagnostic reagents and tests of IHA, ELISA, ICC, IHC, contract production of test systems for in vitro diagnostics, development and contract production of antibodies. The company's products are monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, detection systems and auxiliary reagents.

"Investments in Primbiomed are an important component of the RVC Biofund strategy aimed at developing innovative diagnostic methods and their early introduction into the routine practice of Russian healthcare," commented Vladislav Fedotov, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director of RVC subsidiary funds. "As an early—stage venture investor, the Biofund removes the main technological risks of such developments, allowing the strategic investor to commercialize the product in the future, ensuring the profitability of the Biofund when selling its stake."

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