27 June 2019

Protect genetic data

The government Commission supported the bill on the processing of personal data from genetic material

"Dr. Peter"

The Commission on legislative activity of the Government of Russia has adopted a draft on the specifics of processing personal data of a person obtained from his genetic material, according to the portal of the Cabinet of Ministers. It was submitted for consideration by Rospotrebnadzor. The authors propose to attribute "information that characterizes the genetic characteristics of a person to personal data for which additional protection has been established." In their opinion, this will "ensure compliance with the constitutional rights of citizens in the field of relations related to the processing of biometric personal data."

There is a gap in the current legislation regarding the protection of information about a person obtained from his biomaterial, which contains genetic information that allows you to obtain information about the state of health, lifestyle, behavioral characteristics, sensitivity to pharmacological drugs or allergens and other individual characteristics.

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