22 December 2009

The world's first stem cell facelift

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Three months ago, a resident of London, UK, underwent the world's first cosmetic facelift with stem cells, the Daily Mail reports (I grew my own facelift... and it took an inch off my tummy).

During the operation, stem cells obtained from fat deposits on the patient's abdomen were used. The stem cells were injected into 55-year-old Pauline Wills under local anesthesia; the procedure lasted almost six hours and cost £7,500.

The new technique was developed in the USA in the 90s of the last century and has already been tested in Europe and Japan on patients with scars left after surgery and radiotherapy.

Fat from the deposits on the abdomen is rich in regenerative cells, including stem cells, cells necessary for the growth of blood vessels, as well as cells that produce growth factor. The fat is removed manually with a large syringe, then passed through a special device called Celution, which cleanses the cells and processes them with a special enzyme. After that, they are injected together with fat around the muscles and into the soft tissues of the face. Since the injected fat contains stem cells, new blood vessels and tissues grow around it, which does not allow it to move.

Doctors say that this procedure is simple, safe and very effective. With a traditional facelift, the volume and tone of the skin do not change. And with the new technique, the muscles and deep tissues of the face are strengthened, the blood supply to the skin improves, it thickens and tightens. Even the damage caused to the skin by smoking and excessive exposure to sunlight disappears.

Pauline Wills is very pleased with the result of the facelift and says that she began to look much younger. Doctors promise her that the effect of the procedure will last for several years if the woman keeps a stable weight, quits smoking (she has been smoking 15 cigarettes a day since she was 17) and uses sunscreen every day.

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