29 April 2019

For the first time in Russia: yttrium against liver cancer

A new method of treating liver cancer was first used in Russia

"Dr. Peter"

The first operation on radioembolization of the liver was performed in Russia. A patient with a stage 3 liver cancer diagnosis was injected into the vessels feeding the tumor with glass microspheres with a domestic radionuclide drug – yttrium-90. According to doctors, this method is complicated and expensive, but it allows to stop tumor growth in almost 90% of patients.

A complex surgical intervention was performed at the A.F. Tsyba Medical Radiological Research Center in Obninsk – this is a branch of the NMIC of Radiology, which is headed by the country's chief oncologist Andrey Kaprin. According to doctors, this is the first such operation in Russia carried out using a new domestic radionuclide drug – yttria-90. This drug is contained in special glass microspheres, which are injected into the vessels feeding the tumor. The use of this method makes it possible to stop tumor growth in almost 90% of patients and increases life expectancy by 4-5 times compared to other standard methods of treatment, doctors say. Despite the fact that this method is known in world practice, it is used quite rarely – due to the high complexity of execution and the high cost of drugs.

According to the center, the production of microspheres by domestic manufacturers will seriously reduce the cost of performing such operations and enable radioembolization. in the program of state guarantees of free medical care. (Radiohembolization is a combined method of treating oncological diseases, which consists of radiotherapy and embolization – stopping the blood supply to a certain area of the organ.)

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